deWit & Sons Roofing
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deWit & Sons Roofing

deWit & Sons Roofing

deWit & Sons Roofing
1582 South Ogilvie Street
Prince George, B.C.  V2N 1W9
Office: (250) 981-4807
C: (250) 981-4806

Owner: Steve deWit

The first time Copper Falls Custom Homes came to Steve with their plans of the Copper Project, Steve was excited to be a part of it. Steve has grown up here in Prince George and his foreman/son was born in the Prince George Re-gional Hospital (now UHNBC) just like his other siblings. Every new life starts within the healthcare system. Through our lives, we often require the use of its vital services and then as the years go by our needs become more once again. Healthcare touches everyone in one way or another. So to be able to give back is a privilege!

Steve has done many donation projects since 2003 and Convoy Supply has always been by his side throughout each one. This opportunity was no different. Once again, Team Convoy has stepped up to help with this project in sup-port of the Spirit of The North Healthcare Foundation!

The Healthcare System is the forefront of any community, and we are very honored to be a part of the Copper Project and the good work Spirit of the North does in the community to advocate for better health outcomes!