Wheelchairs in Motion at UHNBC

MAY 10, 2017

Wheelchairs in Motion at UHNBC

 Photo Credit: T. Moore Photography

Through the generosity and hard work of many individuals and corporations a fleet of 62 rehabilitation wheelchairs have arrived at UHNBC.

This morning the entire fleet was brought out and launched by sponsors and supporters who collectively raised over $102,000 through campaigns such as September Casual, Bike-A-Thon sponsored by the Punjabi Canadian Senior Society, and Boogie with the Stars. All of these events were held between August and December 2016 in support of mobilizing patients at UHNBC.

“Working in collaboration with Northern Health this area of greatest need embraced the hearts of so many who value patient’s mobility. Understanding that the road to recovery often requires transition from bed to chair and then hopefully full mobility. This was a great cause and we were happy to get behind and support it.” – Colleen Sparrow, Board Chair, Spirit of the North Healthcare Foundation.

After a multi-year project by the Occupational Therapy Department at UHNBC to evaluate patient needs and assess the quality of different wheelchairs, three different sizes of Helio Light wheelchairs were selected. These chairs were manufactured by an award-winning Canadian company and purchased through local supplier PG Surg-Med. They were ordered in a sunflower orange color that is unique to UHNBC so they can easily be spotted should they stray from the hospital. This truly was a partnership to ensure that input was provided from all who would utilize this equipment, and the community support was amazing.

“We are so happy to see that this fleet has arrived and will go into circulation soon. This is only made possible through the generosity of so many who support Spirit of the North Healthcare Foundation. The real pat on the back is to the community, the donors, sponsors, supporters and those who believe in giving to see that healthcare in the North is advancing and meeting the needs of patients at UHNBC. – Judy Neiser,CEO, Spirit of the North Healthcare Foundation.

For more information contact Judy Neiser, CEO, 250-565-2522