Emily Buenten - 2022 Cawsey Nursing Education Award Recipient

AUG 19, 2022

Emily Buenten - 2022 Cawsey Nursing Education Award Recipient


Since 2018, Spirit of the North Healthcare Foundation has been working with Emery and Geraldine Cawsey to present an annual Nursing Education Award on their behalf.  The award was set up for a 4th year nursing student, and recognizes the instrumental role nurses play in the care of their patients.  Geraldine was a nurse for many years and they have many family members who have chosen the same field of practice. This year the recipient of the award is Emily Buenten, a passionate and dedicated student who understands first-hand the importance of the relationship between nurse and patient.


"I was hospitalized frequently as a child with chronic ear infections, requiring many late night visits to the Emergency Room.  Despite these uncomfortable periods of time, I was always cared for by the nurses.  They provided reassurance, comfort, and education to myself and my family, while collaborating with a diverse team of healthcare professionals.  I valued these nurses and placed my utmost hope and
trust in them to take care of me.  Over 10 years later, I strive to maintain the values I saw in those nurses, in myself and in my practice."

-Emily Buenten, 4th year Nursing Student


Together, Geraldine and Emery believe that nurses are integral in the care and concern of patients, and play an essential role in our lives. 
 With these thoughts in mind they chose to set up a Nursing Education Award Endowment with the Spirit of the North Healthcare Foundation in an effort to support and encourage nurses entering the field.  We would like to extend our sincerest thanks to Geraldine and Emery Cawsey for entrusting Spirit of the North Healthcare Foundation to assist with this award year after year, encouraging students such as Emily.
Congratulations Emily!