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Areas of Greatest Need

Several new initiatives that have great appeal to support better health outcomes in the region are the following:

Northern Clinical Simulation


Administered through the Learning Centre, the Northern Clinical Simulation began in 2012 as collaboration between Northern Health, UNBC School of Nursing and the UBC Northern Medical Program.   The Clinical Simulation Program brings leading edge technology to northern BC to enrich the education and skills for clinical staff, physicians, and medical students in various disciplines as well as community emergency response.   It combines state of the art robotic patent simulators with operating and debriefing technologies to enable a safe environment for learning and skills development.  Much of the equipment is in need of upgrading or replacement over the next few years.  Additional equipment to enhance the service is always being sources as well.


Dedicated Maternal Operating Room


Currently UHNBC has 8 fully functioning operating rooms.  Two have had to be decommissioned to hold peripheral equipment that is readily available when needed.  Over 1150 live births occur at UHNBC annually; up to 20% are considered high risk meaning that they are emergency C-Section or twin births. This means that when an emergency delivery is required an existing operating room needs to be prepared in a matter of minutes.  Often the result is a scheduled elective surgery is interrupted, delayed or even cancelled.  Northern Health is in the process of recommissioning one of the operating rooms for service as a dedicated maternal O.R.   Equipment to the value of $322,000 is required that will be designated to this room to aid in the safe delivery of our newest little ones.   This also means that your loved one’s hip, knee, cataract, or a variety of other elective surgeries are not bumped or cancelled.


Jubilee Lodge Buy a Bed Program


Some of our dearest patients and those who have provided a lifetime of meaningful existence in the region end up spending their final years in facilities such as Jubilee Lodge.  While funding in pediatrics and NICU seems to be plentiful, unfortunately the same isn’t always true for those in their later years.  When patients reach this stage of life, there is little that can be done for them except to provide comfort.  Beds in Jubilee Lodge are all aging and are not up to the same standard that would be available by today’s standard.  A request by Northern Health for 66 beds at a total value of $185,000 along with two Arjo Rhapsody Tubs $48,000 is requested as a start to ensure comfort where it is needed.


 Breast Health Imaging Equipment

Few of us go through life without being touched by someone diagnosed with breast cancer.  State of the art equipment has been purchased to create a one-stop breast health imaging centre at UHNBC.  Components that make sure that each individual’s journey is respectful with minimized wait times between appointments and invasive procedures is key to getting back on the road to recovery or declaring a false positive sooner.  The need for equipment in this area will continue.


Ortho Video Operating Room Towers

Working with the Orthopedic Surgeons for the region they know all too well that their patient waitlists are long.  Hips and knees that need replacement, tears in a rotator cuff, and repetitive strain injuries cause incredible pain and suffering for far longer than necessary.  Newer and state of the art operating room equipment would allow for less downtime in surgery, better images when performing a procedure which would result in quicker healing times and less invasive surgeries.  This means everyone benefits from a more active lifestyle, less pain, and are back to doing what they love sooner.


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