Areas of Greatest Need

Several new initiatives that have great appeal to support better health outcomes in the region are the following:


Dedicated Molecular Diagnostic lab

Cardiac Care

In the past 3 years, close to $600,000 has been raised as part of the Regional Cardiac Campaign. We continue to raise funds in this area to bring state of the art cardiac equipment to UHNBC. This year’s golf tournament will focus on the purchase of a Vivid Q Cardiac Ultrasound to be used by the Anesthesiologists at UHNBC. This is used to visualize veins and arteries and other structures in the body during insertion of monitoring cables and lines.This unit is state of the art and allows a more precise entry, provides better visibility for vascular access, less complications, and assists in providing better pain control. It can be used for a wider range of procedures as well, such as pacemakers and valves. As we are able to expand the services provided newer equipment is needed. It also helps with the broader goal of attracting and retaining cardiac specialists.  

Mental Health and Wellness

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Daily, 1 in 5 people in Canada personally experience a mental health problem or illness. It’s not discriminatory, manifests in many different ways, and can affect any age, education, income level or culture. We hope we can count on your help in seeing this area of care has the funding to support assessment and treatment in this ever growing field of care.

Anywhere You Choose to Care

Healthcare touches us all, however it doesn’t touch everyone the same way.

Equipment and enhancements to healthcare are needed in many areas throughout UHNBC and facilities in the region.  At the Spirit of the North Healthcare Foundation, we are working on a number of exciting projects to support better health outcomes all the time.  Never has the need been greater as we work through COVID, the long term effects of those affected by it, while still addressing the areas of concern that are ongoing in our lives.  * ONCOLOGY * RESPIRATORY * PEDIATRICS * SURGICAL  * RENAL CARE * LYMPHEDEMA as some examples.

Healthcare touches us all, but each of us in very different ways.  YOU choose the area of healthcare that you are most passionate about and unite in the SPIRIT OF GIVING.

Spirit of Healthy Kids


Since 2015 the Spirit of the North Healthcare Foundation has partnered with the Prince George Cougars WHL Team along with Northern Health to provide active messaging to students in the Prince George School District. We firmly believe that setting aside designated time to read, engage in physical activity, practice healthy living, and giving of your time, money, or expertise in ways that make this world a better place are important and best taught early in life. Delivered through School District #57 this program has touched the hearts of over 4,000 students each year, and through them, their families. Our hope is to continue this program regionally and a roll out to communities in the North is planned for the fall of 2019. Supporting this program is a way to support upstream healthcare, children, and best practices in learning to be a humanitarian.