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Spirit Day

For 11 years we held a successful annual Radiothon. Now, after a 1 year hiatus, this important annual event is back under the banner of Spirit Day!

On June 1, starting at 7am, join us as we work to raise $50,000 to support enhancements to cardiac care in Northern BC.

The 5-year Northern Health Regional Cardiac Strategy is being developed to improve access to, and the quality of, cardiac diagnostics. As the first step in this strategy, Spirit of the North is committed to raising $500,000 to purchase a suite of ultrasounds wirh ECHO capabilities. Current wait times for ECHO testing at UHNBC are up to 6 months, and the waiting list holds over 1,110 names. This suite of ultrasounds (supplier to be determined) consists of:

    • One high end ECHO Ultrasound with 4D monitoring;
    • One ECHO Ultrasound comparable to an existing unit at UHNBC;
    • Two portable Ultrasounds that may be utilized for diagnostics in any area of the hospital outside of the Cardiac Centre.

Spirit Day is the first fundraiser with proceeds directed to this $500,000 campaign and we hope to raise 1/10 of the funds needed to meet our goal!

Purchasing this suite of ultrasounds means that:

    • Wait times and wait lists will be reduced through an increased number of ECHO tests that can be scheduled at UHNBC;
    • Access will be improved and travel and wait times for patients needing ECHO and ultrasound services outside of UHNBC will be reduced by offering mobile ultrasound and ECHO services to patients in the Northern Interior.

Ultimately, improved access to, and quality of, ECHO and ultrasound means earlier diagnosis and treatment - and that means better health outcomes for cardiac patients in the North.


How You can make a difference:

There are many ways that you can get involved and help to make a difference through Spirit Day:

1. Make a donation—100% of every dollar raised is dedicated to medicalequipment, and every little bit helps!

2. Host a fundraising event on Spirit Day (or before!) and visit us to present the funds during Spirit Day

3. Partner with us for a Spirit Hour during the June 1 radio campaign. Spirit Hours Include:

    • Commit-To-Raise Hours
    • Matching Hours
    • Prime Matching Hours

4. Volunteer—Spirit day needs lots of volunteers to be successful!


For more information, please contact Esther Prosser – (250) 565-2372 or


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